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Trodat IBAN & BIC Stamp Assortment

IBAN & BIC Stamps

Since early 2013, IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Business Identifier Code) have been superseding the previous account and routeing numbers for intra-EU bank transfers. Beginning on February 1, 2014, it will become possible to execute payment instructions only with IBAN and BIC in all EU Member States, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, and Monaco in terms of the unified European payments area SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

You can ease this transition for your customers with a Trodat IBAN & BIC stamp:
• This way your private customers spare themselves having to fill out the up to 34-place IBAN code on payment instructions and can just stamp it in instead.
• This way your business customers can continue using not-yet-converted letter paper and invoices by just stamping the IBAN and BIC codes on them.

Trodat's IBAN & BIC stamp assortment encompasses the following products:
• Original Trodat Printy 4915: 70 mm x 25 mm imprint size
• Original Trodat Printy 4916: 70 mm x 10 mm imprint size
• Original Trodat Printy 4918: 75 mm x 15 mm imprint size
• Original Trodat Printy 4925: 82 mm x 25 mm imprint size
• Original Trodat Printy 4916 TYPO for self setting: 70 mm x 10 mm imprint size
• Original Trodat Printy 4925 TYPO for self setting: 82 mm x 25 mm imprint size

Please contact your Trodat sales representative for further information.