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Creating Art with Stamps

Men at work

No more tears



Abdulnasser Gharem

Contemporary Saudi Arabian artist Abdul Gharem, co-founder of the 'Edge of Arabia' - an internationally recognized avant-garde art project - is famous for the messages of peace that his art sends to the world. He's known for his exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe.
He uses Trodat Typomatic characters to design his pictures. The results are impressive works of art revealing only on closer inspection that they consist of Trodat products, as the following pictures show.

'I don't work in any particular studio. I would consider a studio a place I can go to meet people. I go there when I see the opportunity. My work happens in the old villages and in the streets where I can talk to the people. This way my art relates to the people of Saudi Arabia. I know I live in one of the world's most interesting countries. I'd like to show what happened here, that's my mission. I'm also—hopefully—an ambassador of peace because I believe that art can educate society, especially the young generation. I try to do exactly that with the 'Edge of Arabia'.

More artworks by Abdul Gharem can be found at